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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                277

•*• foe attack was very severe and bloody, as he
had every floating battery and gunboat to destroy
or silence before he could get at the men-of-
war Łtnd the great batteries. The Hereditary or
Crown Prince was present, and very near being

four hours' hard fighting in the good old
way, our brave, skilful tars took, sunk or burnt
eighteen sail of men-of-war, seven of the line.

I** this letter there is much mention of his
trust in. God and his protection, &c. He also
inserts, very unaffectedly, that he hopes Sir
William's pictures sold well. In the preceding
letter he had sent his compliments to the Duke
of Queensberry and Lord William Gordon, and
begged. the latter would not be making songs
about them till they had done their work well.

He laments the loss of his captains and the
grief of their families. In the last letter he says
the Danes immediately sent off a flag of truce, to
desire sin officer of rank might come ashore to
treat "with the Prince, or that a Danish nobleman
might be allowed to go on board; and that an
armistice might be granted for a short time.

Lord. Nelson complied with great pleasure, for
his ship, the Elephant, was aground, in a bad posi-
tion. He went on shore and conferred with the